We have created a series of live courses for those who want to know more about crystals, energy work and meditation. The material we give is based on 10 years of solid lithotherapeutic experience  and is designed to raise the quality level of every aspect of your life. Our seminars style is very results-oriented, motivating and playful altogether.


The courses provides the ideal environment for self-awareness, receiving deep knowledge about minerals and crystals that you won’t find on the internet, learning self-healing techniques and meeting like-minded souls.



Participants of these seminars report improved relationships, finances, health and well-being.

Detox Your Mind

During this lecture you will find out what are the four crystals that you can use to attract prosperity and abundance into your life.


You will get to experience how to actually let go of old negative thought patterns about money.


You will learn how to mix and match Lithotherapy and Feng-Shui in order to surround yourself with energy of abundance. 



Detox Your Mind Event Ticket

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