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Lithotherapy is a healing technique that uses natural minerals and crystals. The term comes from the Greek “Lithos” – stone, and “Therapeia” – healing. The healing qualities of minerals were used and known since the beginning of times. Nowadays this type of alternative medicine is gaining popularity at an amazing speed. There are many ongoing scientific researches that study beneficial effects of minerals on people. More and more often Lithotherapy is being called the medicine of the 21st century. 



Stones were formed over billions of years in our Earth, once touched, looked at and worn by people – they activate their immensely powerful vibrations and help to balance and harmonize our body and mind. Crystals are happy to be at your service. Wearing healing crystals and gemstones allows us to change our lives for the better.


Lithotherapy.de’s mission is to empower people and help them discover own personal power by knowing, appreciating and using gemstones. We provide empowering tools, in the form of crystals and crystal jewelry, to help you in your life’s success. Each sacred piece is handmade, is already cleansed, energized and comes with effective directions or consultation on how to use this mineral to create a desired outcome.