English · 25. Oktober 2018
Natural crystal jewelry is not simply a status symbol. If back in the days in ancient Greece or Rome not everyone could afford or was allowed to wear gemstone jewelry, now virtually anyone can do so. However, lured by the smart marketing campaigns of Swarovski, Bijou Brigitte and other mass producers of bijuteria, people waste their money on worthless synthetically derived crap. Jewelry made out of natural minerals is not only beautiful and long-lasting, it is as well a great long term...
English · 04. Januar 2018
Hello, hello, social animals. Yes, I am talking about you! We learned in school that we are self-contained individuals, however the latest neuroscientific and sociological research shows that we are not as self-made as we think we are. We are defined to a large, very large extend by our relationships within socium (Latin). We are interwoven, interpenetrated with one another. We are social animals from the day one. This post is mostly for women who are in a relationship. Loneliness is scary, but...
English · 26. Dezember 2017
The Power Within: How Theta Brainwave Can Change Your Life.